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Our Support Services Teams help make Douglas' a wonderful place to learn and work. Our Support Services Teams are here to assist students, their families, and Douglas' faculty. We are thankful to have such a quality staff that helps our school be high-performing.

Office Staff

Janet Drumming, Bookkeeper

Vernell Goodwin, Assistant

Gwen Griffin, School Nurse

Allean Oliphant, Receptionist

Academic Support Staff

Damiean Bryant, Teaching Assistant

Dorothy Brooks, Teaching Assistant

Gina Bull, Teaching Assistant

Gwendolyn Chinn, Montessori Assistant

Obie Combs, Teaching Assistant

Denise Dandy, Teaching Assistant

Nelson Dorn, Teaching Assistant

Lynn Foster, Teaching Assistant

Brenda Gordon, Teaching Assistant

Terry McKie, Teaching Assistant

Rosa Nicholson, Teaching Assistant

Steve Prince, Teaching Assitant

Regina Simpkins, Teaching Assistant

Amber Williams, Montessori Assistant

Cafeteria Staff

Bessie Dandy, Manager

Joanne Green, Cafeteria Staff

Sophie Griffin, Cafeteria Staff

Mattie Hardy, Cafeteria Staff

Custodial Staff

Leonard Joplin, Head Custodian

Connie Martin, Custodian