Merriwether Middle School

A belief/mission statement sets the standards for the school

Mission Statement

Expanding our universe at Merriwether


Mission Statement

The mission of Merriwether Middle School is to assist in the positive development of the emotional, physical, social, and intellectual growth of students and to provide the tools which empower these learners to meet challenges of our society as problem solvers and contributing citizens.



Belief Statement

We believe Merriwether Middle School, as a part of our community, must facilitate knowledge-based information, higher order thinking skills in all academic and technological areas, social interaction and skills, and worldwide communication skills.  We must prepare our students to advance in every area and to eventually take their places in society.  In order to this, we believe that:

1.  We must provide for a safe and physically comfortable environment in order to promote student learning.

2.  Student self-esteem must be reinforced through a positive parent, teacher, counselor, school, and community relationship.

3.  Each teacher must address the different learning styles.

4.  Students must be actively engaged in the learning process to promote student thinking.

5.  In order to build good citizens, incentive and instructional programs must address good character traits, respect individual worth, and honor cultural diversity.

6.  Social interaction to encourage student social skills must center around activities involving staff, students, and community.