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Gospel Recording Artist Rudy Currence Hosts Informative Workshop Experience for J-E-T Middle School Chorus

Johnston, SC - Prior to the winter break, the J-E-T Middle School Chorus was treated to a special meeting with gospel recording artist Rudy Currence. Currence, a South Carolina native and a friend of J-E-T Middle School chorus teacher, Imelda Shoffner, held a special workshop with the Eagles' chorus where he spoke about his personal journey to a career in music and offered encouragement to students who may wish to pursue a career as a professional recording artist.

There was plenty of singing, too.

Currence, who recently released his latest album, "Stained Glass Windows", was thrilled to be able to share his knowledge with members of the J-E-T Chorus.

"I started writing poetry when I was young, which turned into songs," stated Currence. "I majored in music, classical voice and piano in college at Furman University and my dad is a pastor, so I grew up singing and playing. My mom would take my brother and I around to local events and church events, then we went to NBA games and eventually the Apollo Theater, so we began to get some regional and national recognition even as kids.

Currence later attended a talent showcase and signed his first recording contract at the age of 17.

"We were used to singing live, but singing in the recording booth is totally different, so there was a learning curve for sure," commented Currence. "Learning how to have those same inflections and emotions that translate onto a record versus the live experience. It took me a while for me to get comfortable in the studio. Once I did, all the writing and training kicked in."

Currence said while his early career was spent in other genres of music, a return to his gospel roots became his focus.

"I really felt led to use whatever influence I had to make a positive difference in the world," stated Currence. "The gospel is the good news, so this is a way for me to spread positivity."

He was certainly able to do that during his time with the Eagles.

"It's important for kids to be able to see someone who may be doing something they aspire to do," commented Currence. "It's positive reinforcement, too. I give Ms. Shoffner a lot of credit because she is already doing such a great job here. I just wanted to show them if they want to do something like this professionally, full time, this is what it looks like and what it sounds like."

Shoffner says she simply couldn't resist providing her students with the opportunity to meet Currence and see a potential career path explained to them in person and in song.

"I wanted to expose my students to a level of excellence in music they may not have experienced before," stated Shoffner. "I wanted them to see there is something more out there for them than just what we do here in the classroom. I wanted them to share in an experience that may not have been afforded to them anywhere else."

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