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District Teacher of the Year Avis Tuttle Jordan of J-E-T Middle Selected as 2024 Masters Tournament ‘Hometown Hero’

Johnston, SC – Thanks to the Augusta National Golf Club, the Edgefield County School District (ECSD) and J-E-T Middle School now have their very own 2024 Masters Tournament “Hometown Hero” in the school district’s Teacher of the Year, art teacher Avis Tuttle Jordan.

The Masters Tournament’s “Hometown Heroes” program annually recognizes health care providers, firefighters, police officers, teachers, and others whose hard work and sacrifice uplift the Augusta community. As part of this recognition, Ms. Jordan will join Hometown Heroes from across the CSRA during a special reception later this month, as well as attend the 2024 Masters Tournament in April.

Ms. Jordan has served as a teacher for 12 years. She is in her ninth year of teaching at J-E-T (Johnston-Edgefield-Trenton) Middle School.

“In my classroom, messy organized chaos can be found,” she wrote in her ECSD Teacher of the Year application. “If you look past the messy chaos, you will find students collaborating and taking ownership in creating masterpieces. Encouraging mistakes and messes allows all learners to grow and discover their own style of engagement, empowerment and enrichment with each masterpiece they design. The experience of making a mess, learning from mistakes, and applying new information successfully is powerful.”

She believes giving to be her greatest contribution to education – everything from pencils to personal empowerment.

“In my profession, giving may look different each day,” Jordan wrote. “I give pencils and school supplies. I give smiles and hugs to those who might not get one at home or are having a bad day. I give kindness and love to all. I give, to expect nothing in return. No matter how small or big the giving may be, giving will always be my greatest contribution and accomplishment in the education profession. Through giving, I gain so much more.”


ECSD Public Information Office