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The ‘Good Grinch’ and Cindy Lou Who Surprise Elementary School Students and Teachers to Celebrate Outstanding Winter iReady Testing Growth

Johnston, SC – Students who showed tremendous growth on their winter iReady testing metrics were rewarded on Monday (12/18) with a surprise visit from the school district’s “Good Grinch” and his helper, Cindy Lou Who. Teachers were honored with a special certificate of achievement.

The Edgefield County School District utilizes iReady testing to measure student academic growth over time during the school year. Monday’s visits were celebrations of winter testing measuring student growth from the fall testing period.  

While the Good Grinch was mischievous and did his best to distract students with his big bag of candy, Cindy Lou Who read the following announcement to classrooms:


Whereas, this rockstar class has shown clear proof they’re working hard learning and blowing their scores through the roof; 

Whereas, since the start of school they’ve made ginormous gains; 

Therefore, they are now entitled to act rather silly - and quite vain; 

Whereas, your teacher you know who, clearly had no scruples about your ability to do; 

Whereas, she is also very much a who’s who in your beautiful school; 

Therefore, she is entitled to be rather silly and quite vain too! 

Congratulations, your scores say learning is on the rise, and we hope you’ve enjoyed this little surprise. 

Monday's Rockstar Classrooms included the following:

  • Ms. Thomas's and Ms. Herlong's classes at W.E. Parker Elementary School
  • Ms. Billie, Ms. Johnson and Ms. Edwards's classes at Johnston Elementary School
  • Ms. Adsit and Mr. Bryan's classes at Douglas Elementary School
  • Ms. Sutton, Ms. Abbott and Ms. Helinski's classes at Merriwether Elementary School 

The Edgefield County School District congratulates all ECSD students who displayed growth on their winter iReady testing. Thank you, teachers, for your continued dedication to student academic achievement.

ECSD Public Information Office