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Douglas Elementary Students Donate Items for the Homeless and Elderly to Local Organization


Johnston, SC – Students at Douglas Elementary School showed “Panther Pride” and kindness to others by collecting food and necessities for the homeless and wrapping boxes of tissue with notes of kindness for the elderly.

Hands on Ministry is a local faith-based organization based in North Augusta led by Georgia Cooks with the assistance of Mae F. Curry. The organization, which has provided food, coats and blankets to the homeless during previous service projects, partnered with the school by picking up the collected items and distributing them in the community.

Twenty-five bags were put together for the homeless, consisting of packs of crackers, raisins, granola bars, cans of tuna, chewing gum, travel-size toothbrushes and toothpaste, lotion, deodorant and wet wipes. Twenty-five wrapped tissue paper boxes with notes of kindness attached were collected for the elderly.

Douglas Elementary School counselor, Shonda Raiford, praised the DES students for thinking of others.

“Our students did such a great job,” stated Raiford. “They donated the items during World Kindness Week while we were also discussing caring in our classrooms and I’m just so proud of all of them.” 

Hands on Ministry provided the following statement following the student donation:

“In order to connect you have to make connections. You have to stretch out your hand to help somebody along the way. Show love. Hands on Ministry is dedicated to reaching out to others to make this world a better place one act of service at a time. Thank you Douglas Elementary School for showing love to others.”

Anyone who would like to partner with the Douglas Elementary School students may make donations on their behalf to Hands on Ministry by contacting Georgia Cooks at (803) 341-4287.

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